June 3, 2023


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Blanka Lipinska delights in expensive furniture

Blanka Lipinska delights in expensive furniture

Blanca Lipinska A while ago, she reported that she had purchased the apartment of her dreams. Considering that the fame is very active in social media, he posts information about a new outlet every now and then. It is already known that black prevails. Now she has shown the furniture that will be in the place of her dreams.

Blanka Lipińska chose a rather non-standard interior. Most of the furniture and all the walls and floors are black. Although netizens reacted skeptically to Lipinska’s idea, she herself feels happy in such a house. They are certainly not the cheapest.

This time the beds and the sofa were offered. Blanca also prepared a guest room. In it, the invited people will have a gray bed made of cute plush at their disposal.

In her master bedroom there will be an almost king bed, of course black, two meters wide.

Blanca also showed off a nook that will be in the living room. It is quite large and Lipińska reviews show that it is the most comfortable in the world.

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