Black Mirror 6 is coming.  Netflix wants to offer the highest quality

Netflix wants to return to its valuable brand. “Black Mirror” is returning due to the new season, which according to the first information, is to present some big stories. Castings are already underway.

It’s been almost three years since the fifth season of “Black Mirror” premiered, but Netflix will eventually expand the series. Variety editors have received news that a new series is forming, and while the platform is currently not revealing any details, viewers are expecting more episodes.

The final season of “Black Mirror” consisted of only three episodes, but the new story is expected to receive more stories, according to Variety. They will have a “more cinematic feel”. In addition, we will be able to treat each story as a separate movie.

The return of the Black Mirror takes so long for creator Charlie Brooker and his creative partner, Annabelle Jones to leave House of Tomorrow. The duo started a new production company (Broke and Bones), into which Netflix poured $100 million, but the cherished IP rights remain with Endemol Shine Group. The company was not acquired by Banijay Group until the summer of 2020, which allowed the Netflix platform to obtain the appropriate license.

We have to wait for the full announcement of “Black Mirror 6”, but it is good that the company is returning to this IP, which was so well received by many viewers.

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