June 7, 2023


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Black Adam – The Rock Announces Superman!? This is what the villain Sabbac looks like

It is in the movie black Adam Will Superman appear? Chances of that appear to be increasing. Yesterday, starring impersonator, Dwayne Johnson, got into a discussion on Twitter with one of his fans who posted about how much he’d like to see Teth-Adam and Man of Steel meet in an upcoming production. In an astonishing response, The Rock famous stated that over the years he had “learned to ‘always listen to the audience'” while adding ‘I can hear you.’ Take a look at yourself:

In turn, the McFarlane company posted photos of statues representing the characters who will appear in the film on the web. These images give us our best look yet of how the villain Sabbac presents himself in the story on screen. Although the details of his role in the story have not been revealed yet, it is likely that he will play his role Marwan Kanzari. More importantly, he’ll play Ishmael Gregor’s version of Sabbac – not Freddy Freeman’s half-brother Tim Karnes. This opponent is able to use the powers of Hell after uttering his name, thanks to which he acquires the abilities of some demons – including Satan and Beelzebub.

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Soon, the movie Comic Book Guild will debut in the US market Black Adam – The Justice Society Secret Files: Hawkman #1 – His promotional panels have just hit the net. They show that Hawkman, along with other members of the Justice Society, have fought in the past, including. With a former opponent of Aquaman nicknamed Naiko the Destroyer. In turn, the hero ship, which appears in the production trailer, is called the Hawk Cruiser.

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Black Adam - members of the antihero and JSA on a new poster promoting the movie
Black Adam - antihero, JSA logo, etc. on new graphics promoting the movie

black Adam It will be shown in Polish cinemas on October 21.