January 31, 2023


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Bjoergen used a prohibited measure.  The FIS reaction surprised everyone

Bjoergen used a prohibited measure. The FIS reaction surprised everyone

Tuesday in Norway Biography has been published Marit Björgen “Vinnerhjerte” with journalist NRK Ingvild Marit Stenvold. The book caused quite a stir – in the local media there was a topic of negative comments and reactions on the body of a runner, about whom she decided to tell, but also a story from the World Cup in my god (2017) associated with an anti-doping control.

Bjoergen revealed that she used a prohibited method. Now, however, it is just an anecdote

– Some tears leaked – this is how Björgen describes his reaction to the NRK test, which showed that a prohibited substance was detected at that moment in her body. In her autobiography, she cited an entire story, which today is just an anecdote, but then was something that kept the Norwegian sleepless. Analysis of Bjoergen’s urine sample showed the presence of nandrolone – a steroid drug with anabolic and androgenic effects and, according to the eur-sterydy.pl portal, “an agent that accelerates protein synthesis and also stimulates hunger, increasing mineralization and bone growth.” The substance is on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List (Wada).

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Why did the media and fans learn about the case after only four and a half years? The International Skating Federation (FIS) closed its investigation into the case without opening a formal investigation and approved the translations for Björgen camp. These concerned attempts to alter the athlete’s menstrual cycle thanks to the drug Primolut-N. The Norwegian team doctor Peter Olberg believes that the nandrolone in the Norwegian woman’s body was increased due to dehydration during the 30-kilometer run in M¦.

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If there is a reason not to believe Bjoergen, it is only one. His translations are reasonable

– The phone conversation in which I was informed of the case was horrific, I remember it to this day. Before that, there were cases of doping of Martin Jonesrod Sundby and Teresa Johaug. It seemed impossible to me – Björgen resides today. Thegoaspotlight.com portal, which describes the whole thing, has an interesting approach to the whole context and voice translations of hostility and allegations that in the face of a negative opinion about Norwegians in the context of doping, mentioning Bjoergen does not help. The competitor, however, defends itself reasonably and does not use hypocritical arguments, as in the case of Therese JuhaugWhich, when suspended in her case, spoke of lipstick use that was supposed to affect the results of anti-doping tests.

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Earlier in her career, Bjoergen was accused by the media several times of using illegal substances to treat asthma. Before M¦ played in 2011 in Oslo Journalists reported that she used clenbuterol, but then the athlete announced that she was using another prohibited drug – symbicort. However, I had permission to do this, and shortly thereafter this was deleted from the WADA menu and could be used without permission.