BioWare on the development of Dragon Age 4 and the secrets of the Mass Effect 5 poster
January 7 2022, 15:45

Gary McKay, in an extensive entry on the BioWare blog, shared with the community his thoughts on working under the pressure of the pandemic in 2021 and information about expected titles.


  1. An extensive entry appeared on the BioWare blog where General Manager Gary McKay summed up the studio’s final year of operation.
  2. Players can arouse curiosity statements? About the theme of the game poster Mass Effect 5, Which, according to Mackay, will include a few surprises.
  3. Evening fans Dragon Age Once again received confirmation that the fourth part of the course It will be a role-playing game for one person.

Posted on BioWare . Blog LoginThe studio’s general manager, Gary McKay, shared some news with the community. He touched upon, inter alia, a distinct theme in game production Mass Effect 5 I Dragon Age IV And the difficulties that the studio faced due to the epidemic in the world.

In light of the first of these elements, McKay suggested to fans of the seriesAnd To take a closer look attached Posted on the occasion of N7 Day. as claimed There are at least five hidden surprises hidden in the graphics, which indicate how the fate of the cosmic universe unfolded. collective effects. Fans of the series did not leave this information unnoticed and we will find the first in the network Dujebney Label analysis.

In turn, the question Dragon Age IV We didn’t get many details. General Manager of BioWare repeatedly He assured that a team of experienced developers is working on production, so you don’t have to worry that the project is at risk. Again we also received Confirmation that the fourth batch Dragon Age It will be a one-man production, based on the choices of the players.

In his post, Makai also mentioned the upcoming premiere Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith ?? A new fantasy addition to the Star-war MMORPG, announced on the occasion of his birthday tenth birthday. He’s proud that the studio has been able to create a game that has been successfully working for so long. McKay also announced a number of updates that will carry over to SW: Gate this year.

As mentioned its success Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The Director of BioWare is grateful for being amazing positive Adopt the remastered version of the trilogy and ensure that the upcoming titles will maintain an equally high standard.

The latest issue that McKay raised is an ongoing pandemic. As we can read in the entry, working in such conditions is not easy. However, the team was able to develop techniques and tools that allow employees to retain their positions in the studio and continue working. In addition, McKay continues to pursue the goal of rebuilding BioWare’s reputationwhich has been and will continue to be a priority since he took over as Managing Director.

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