BioShock Infinite gets regular updates.  Fans are looking for reasons
March 28, 2022, 18:06

As noted by fans of the game, BioShock Infinite, released in 2013, has been receiving regular updates for PC for a long time. Therefore, players began to speculate about the reasons for this unusual situation.

Since the game premiere Infinite Bioshock Nearly a decade has passed (we celebrated our ninth anniversary two days ago) and despite the passage of time, the title still intrigues fans of the series. bioshock.

Recently note interesting phenomenon – The PC version of the game started receiving regular updates at the end of last year at intervals of several days (Across SteamDB). The changes began last September, and these changes began to intensify over time. In the same March bioshock No final Received several corrections.

BioShock Infinite gets regular updates.  Fans are looking for reasons - Illustration #1

The last update was three days ago; Source: Steam DB.

What is hidden in BioShock?

Due to the influx of updates, speculation about the causes of the burial began regularly with the nine-year-old bioshock.

  • The first theory is that the game will finally be compatible with Steam Deck. Currently, Valve handheld does not have official support for the production of Irrational Games, which was considered a lot slip.
  • Some fans They hope the updates may herald the next patch or even a remaster, as was the case with GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition.
  • Others calm feelings and remind you that all the confusion may be related to the fixes of the publisher – 2K Games.

Whatever the reason for the usual game updates two generations ago, it probably won’t be a secret for long. 2K, however, is still muted for now.

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