Bioengineering enters the battlefield.  Innovative bandages are created

The widespread use of high-speed and high-powered weapons in modern hostilities leads to frequent injuries as a result of explosions. In such wounds, heavy bleeding is the main cause of death. Scientists at South China University of Science and Technology have made good progress in this field Hydrogel pads that support wound regeneration.

– Thanks to the rapid development of materials science, numerous and highly effective wound dressings are being made – said the professor. Wu Desheng of Southern University of Science and Technology.

anyway Bandages and gauze are effective in stopping bleedingIt has serious limitations. It is non-dissolving and prone to infection and is not suitable for use on irregular wounds. It can also cause Secondary tissue damage is almost ineffective in stimulating the wound healing process. Hydrogel pads are just the opposite – they are antibacterial, biodegradable, flexible and injectable.

The hydrogel is a three-dimensional network of hydrophilic polymers that can absorb and swell water. Hydrogels can be made using different cross-linking strategies and are categorized differently depending on what they constitute. Hydrogels based on polysaccharides They are biocompatible, biodegradable, and non-toxic. On the other hand Hydrogels based on synthetic polymers They are easier to adjust and have greater mechanical strength.

Hydrogels are applied to wounds It not only creates a physical barrier and removes excess secretions, but also provide an environment with sufficient moisture that supports the wound stimulation process. Moreover, the hydrogel can perfectly fill irregular wounds, cope with deep bleeding.

Hydrogels are a kind of high quality material. Professor Dr. Dr. concluded. Wu Desheng.

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