Big Water Netflix series trailer reviews hit the world

Watched by 10 million families around the world Polish production of Netflix “Wielka Woda” within a week of its premiere. Jan Holbeck’s work was the second most watched non-English series on the platform, and in the top 10 of the Netflix ranking, it is found in 78 countries, including the USA, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Turkey, Morocco and Canada. From October 3 to 9, the total number of viewers reached They spent nearly 46 million hours on Wilka Woda Street..

What made the production successful? – “Wielka Woda” is undoubtedly a very strong and well-made series – says directly Łukasz Muszyński, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Director Jan Holubek/Bartomij Ignaciok in partnership with screenwriters Kenja Krzymska and Casper Pagon efficiently build the tension in the first two episodes in anticipation of the disaster of the same name. When the flood wave arrives in Wroclaw, the creators do not turn off the camera, but are fighting a large-scale survival struggle – he asserts.

The strength of the series is largely determined by its expressive, mysterious characters. Holoubek and the company are well aware that without full puppet characters and a reliably woven web between their relationships, it would not be possible to capture the viewer’s attention and heart for more than four hours of viewing. The series’ cast is star-studded — at the start of each episode, we wonder which famous and talented face we’ll see this time around — says Muszyński. She appears in the second and third levels, among others Tomasz Kot, Lech Dyblik, Anna Dymna, Jacek Beler or Jerzy Trela ​​in one of their last roles.

We love it when the world collapses on screen

Where does the popularity of Polish production come from among non-Polish speaking users of the platform? – I would like to point out two components of success. First of all, the high quality of the series, in addition, is far from Hollywood. Second, viewers’ unwavering fascination with the disastrous production. Simply put, we love it when the world collapses on screen. Observing disaster from the safe perspective of a home sofa is harmful fun – says Muszyński.

According to film critic ukasz Adamski, the production owes its international success to a “very well-constructed script”. – Like the American scripts for the series of streaming services. With a very well-written intrigue, perfectly written in real events and – what is very important – the third and supporting roles. There are in-depth episodes, like the one that massively played Anna Dimna. The characters have a past, they are psychologically well defined. This, when it comes to the background, is not the norm in Polish soap operas – Adamski notes.

The critic draws attention to other advantages of “Big Water”: execution, scenery, images, or the use of special effects. – Everything looks artistic and artistic. Very well directed by showrunner Jan Holbeck, who has already lived “25 years of innocence. In Tomek Komenda “and” Rojsta “for two seasons, he showed himself as an effective director – says Adamski.

At the forefront of the best Polish series in recent years

– One of the best in recent years. Undoubtedly one of the top three, definitely topping those featured on broadcast. Another Holoubek created, next to “Rojsta”, one of the best series of recent years – Adamski confirms.

– I don’t know if “Velka Woda” is the best Polish series produced after 1989 (maybe my heart belongs to “Blinded by the Lights” and the first series “Delivery”), but it is undoubtedly on top. We are happy to hear that it has become a hot export commodity – Muszyński adds.

“Wielka Woda” debuted on Netflix on October 5. The work takes place in the summer of 1997, when, among other things, the city of Wroclaw was crossed by the name of the “Great Water”, which was later called the “Millennium Flood”. The series is directed by Jan Holbeck and Bartomij Ignaciok and stars Agnieszka Żulewska, Tomasz Schuchardt and Ireneusz Czop. The production consists of six episodes.

For over two years, Netflix has been the most popular VoD platform in Poland. According to a Mediapanel study in July this year. It was visited by 12.54 million Polish Internet users, each of whom spent an average of 6 hours, 3 minutes and 22 seconds on the site.. The company does not provide the number of clients in Poland. globally at the end of June this year. Netflix has 220.76 million subscribers.

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