Big distinction for Szymon Marciniak!  Pole will lead the M World Cup final.

Simon Marciniak has captained the World Cup twice in Qatar matches. He impeccably led the clashes of France with Denmark and Argentina with Australia. This has not escaped the attention of FIFA observers, who have decided to reward his standing in the tournament and throughout 2022 by offering him the chance to captain the World Cup Grand Final.

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Will Marciniak lead the final? “I’m sure it will be a good refereeing match.”

Marciniak referee for the final match

In 2022, Marciniak and his team (Pawe Sokolnicki and Tomasz Listkiewicz as businessmen) have shown very good performance. They were about to work on the European Cup final. They did not go below par, which resulted in their nomination world Cup in Qatar.

The Polish national team led a very intense match between France and Denmark (group stage, 2: 1) and a difficult match between Argentina and Australia (1/8 finals, 2: 1). They managed the meeting without errors, and did not become outstanding personalities. You could say they were invisible, but in the case of the judges, that’s praise.

There couldn’t be a better finale. France in it thanks to an inconspicuous hero

FIFA wanted referees to refer a maximum of three matches in Qatar. Marchiniak didn’t stand a chance in the quarterfinals, but that meant a better chance of working in the medal game. The same applies to the semi-finals. So it was certain for a while that he would have a medal match to lead.

For the first time since 1990, we have a Polish referee in a World Cup final. It was the last and only Misha Listkiewicz as an assistant assistant. Then Germany won 1-0 against Argentina.

Being nominated for the World Cup final is a great honor and privilege for Poles, but also a great challenge. The match will be watched by billions of viewers around the world.

Messi MbappeDouble World Cup final in Qatar. Mbappe and Messi at the helm

At first, the most dangerous rivals of Marciniak were Mexican Cesar Ramos and American Ismail El-Fath. The first got the semi-finals from France with Morocco (2:0), and questioned the nomination of the second because he was born in Morocco. Later, it was decided between the Poles and Danny McKel, but the Dutchman had lower ratings with the delegates of the World Federation.

The World Cup final between Argentina and France on Sunday hour 4:00 pm.

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