Biedronka is under the microscope of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.  Clarification actions are ongoing – comments Rafael Mundry

The head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau is investigating Jeronimo Martins Polska, owner of the Bedronka chain. The procedures relate to providing consumers with information about the prices of the products offered, especially during promotions. A message on this topic was posted on social media by economist Rafael Mondry.

Rafael Mondry at the beginning of December this year. He drew attention to the way prices are displayed in the Biedronka chain of stores when promoting products, especially in the case of promoting so-called multi-pieces. “If something is sold in a set/set of two, the price should be for the whole set, not half of it,” the economist noted in a blog post on X (formerly Twitter), adding that “for people, it’s actually a problem of offering Prices for these multiple pieces.

Mondry decided to send a letter in this regard to the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau. The office responded to his complaint on Thursday. “UOKiK has started its procedures in stores,” Rafay Mondry confirmed. As he noted, the office shares the view that “the per-piece price should be clear and conspicuous.” The economist added that he is awaiting the results of the procedures.

He stressed, “I don’t care about a revolution. I just want the price of one (one) product to be clearly visible. I have the impression that they are deliberately hiding the regular price with these promotional cards.”

We have sent questions about this to the press office of the Biedronka series. At the time of publishing the article, we have not received any response.

UOKiK on explanatory actions

The Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) informed in a letter addressed to Rafael Mondry that the head of the Office, Tomasz Kroštny, “is currently conducting interpretive proceedings aimed at a preliminary determination of whether, with regard to providing consumers with price information in relation to the products offered, in particular the prices of Offered for promotion by Jeronimo Martins Polska SA in Kostrzyn, there was a violation of the provisions justifying the initiation of proceedings regarding practices that violate the collective interests of consumers.

As reported, the office is investigating how customers of the Biedronka chain are informed “of product prices, in particular regarding promotional products, displaying the lowest price from the last 30 days, or displaying regular and promotional prices in the case of so-called multi-products.” Promotions are piecemeal.” “We also analyze whether the way product prices are displayed may mislead consumers,” we read in the letter.

It was emphasized that, in the opinion of President Crostny, “the price of the product, including the price of one piece of the product, is of fundamental importance for the consumer because he has the right to purchase a single product without benefiting from the so-called multi-piece promotion and must be clear and conspicuous.” It was pointed out that the consumer should be able to compare the regular price with the promotional price to decide whether or not to take advantage of the promotion.

He added that price information should be indicated “clearly and legibly so as not to mislead the consumer and allow him to make a free decision to purchase a specific product.”

The Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau informed that further actions of the Head of the Bureau will depend on the results of ongoing analyses.

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