Podpisałem rozporządzenie, w którym ustanawiamy nowe dziedziny i dyscypliny, w tym biblistykę i nauki o rodzinie - powiedział w niedzielę szef MEiN Przemysław Czarnek podczas inauguracji nowego roku akademickiego 2022/2023 na Katolickim Uniwersytecie Lubelskim.

I have signed a list in which we establish new fields and disciplines, including biblical studies and family studies, said Przemyslav Kzarnik, President of MEiN, on Sunday during the opening of the new academic year 2022/2023 at the Catholic University of Lublin.

By the way, the head of MEiN reported that before deciding to take such a step, he conducted “several months of consultations and talks”.

In the context of biblical studies and family science, the minister said that “Poland needs both.”

According to Przemysław Czarnek, we have excellent specialists, experts, and scholars in Poland dealing with biblical studies and establishing a biblical studies major in theology, to strengthen Polish biblical studies and to create a center in Poland similar to centers in Jerusalem, Switzerland, and the United States. “We have such potential. And this potential exists here at the Catholic University of Lublin” – he pointed out.

The Prime Minister in the Salons of Brussels: The Rules of Bureaucratic Automation Without a Soul

The Prime Minister in the Salons of Brussels: The Rules of Bureaucratic Automation Without a Soul

Speaking about the role of family science, Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik said that an attack on the family and a crisis in the family had been observed.

“For several years, also in Poland, and in Western Europe for several decades, we have observed a strong attack on the family. Unfortunately, we also observe a family crisis resulting from this attack on the family. That is why it is so important to establish the field of family science and its specialization so that one can talk about the family in a way Scientific and real, because science is the search for truth “- he said.

“We need to find the truth about the family anew and show this truth to society, because without all our efforts, the full development of the Catholic University of Lublin will not be beneficial. Without a family, we will not be there in 50 years, “- he emphasized.

The minister drew attention to the role of the Catholic University of Lublin, where the Institute of Family Sciences was created.

“There is great potential at KUL for this field and the family science discipline to really develop” – he said.

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