Beyond good and evil.  certainly!  The premiere is coming

Beyond Good & Evil fans, start the countdown! The appearance of the Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition trophy list on PS5 could mean that the release is just around the corner.

Revealed rewards range from challenges ranging from earning a certain number of hearts to piloting a spaceship to the moon. In general, there are not many of them – anyone interested can check the entire list in this place.

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Trophy reveals often precede the game’s official release, suggesting that Ubisoft may announce a release date soon. As new details emerge, players will face new challenges and objectives to reach the Platinum level in this popular game. Does this mean that Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition will be available to players soon? Everything seems to point to yes.

We’re looking forward to the official Ubisoft announcement and the opportunity to play as Jade once again to immerse yourself in the world of Beyond Good & Evil. Although it would also be great if they decided to reveal something about BG&E2 – After all, a lot of time has passed since E3. Get ready to revisit this classic adventure in a new edition that promises to be just as exciting as the original. The premiere could come any day, so stay tuned!


The v1.01 patch for Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition on PS4 appeared a few minutes ago, so we’re just waiting for the official information!

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