Best Movies Similar to Inception - TOP 10

There are fans of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”? I’m sure you can! After all, many of us sometimes like to watch something that will melt our brains, trigger a deeper reflection and force us to write down all the leads on a piece of paper. Sometimes filmmakers can confuse their schemes, and the said director is a master at this, and he has proven this many times over.

Today I am going to present to you the best movies similar to Inception. Among the ten items, you’ll find the ones that make the gray cells should do a really good job, a Sometimes you will feel dizzy from the intense events unfolding on the prime factors. So, if you like the aforementioned production from Nolan, I invite you to rate our movie, which you must like.

Key to Eternity (2015) – Top 10 Similar Movies to Inception

We open the ranking with the movie “Self / less”, which made a sensation at the time of its premiere. talking about her very rich manWhoever decided to buy with money what was claimed to be impossible, that is, health. He transfers his consciousness into the body of a young man and all would be well were it not for the fact that he is haunted by the memories of the man who donated the corpse in question.

The Butterfly Effect (2004) – Top 9 Movies Similar to Inception

We continue the list with a raucous production with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role. The actor plays a man named EvanWho has a very extraordinary power – he can travel back in time. However, he will quickly learn that nothing is free, and that the slightest change in the past can be of great importance in the future. When a butterfly flaps its wings in one place, a tornado arises in another.

The Butterfly Effect (2004) - Similar films to The Beginning

Paprika (2006) – TOP 8 – films similar to Inception

This list cannot be deleted from the noisy list 2006 anime, created by Satoshi Kon himself. The sheer mix of horror with psychological production and sci-fi elements makes it hard to separate, and each subsequent thread must be taken separately for a full weave of it later. I guarantee that even in cycles 5 and 6 you will discover new secrets in the world of sleep control.

Paprika (2006) - films similar to Inception

Run away! (2017) – TOP 7 – Movies similar to Inception

While this choice may seem unfortunate, I can guarantee that when we delve into production properly, we will quickly see many similarities to “incorporation” – especially in a climate of constant anxiety. and creator of the movie “Get Out”, Jordan Peele is a master when it comes to blending psychological and horror themes. Check it out for yourself.

Run away!  (2017) - films similar to Inception

The Mechanic (2004) – TOP 6 – Movies similar to Inception

If anyone wonders whether Christian Bale is like no other in crazy gameplayGive this production a chance. He plays Trevor – a simple mechanic suffering from chronic insomnia. Lack of sleep causes him to suffer numerous hallucinations and delusions, and tragic events seem to stick to him – his vigilance mingles with his imagination. Over time, we began to get the impression that we might go crazy with ourselves.

The Mechanic (2004) - films similar to Inception

The Matrix (1999) – TOP 5 – Movies similar to Inception

When we talk about films that can make a cortex of the brain with their plot plots, one cannot forget the film whose concept gave rise to a plethora of different explanatory texts – Even in the form of scientific studies. Of course, I’m talking about “The Matrix” and its sequels (soon three!), which tackled the topic of life simulation with a momentum never seen before.

The Matrix (1999) - movies similar to Inception

Memento (2001) – TOP 4 – Similar films to Inception

No one in the film industry has burned viewers’ brain knots as many times as Christopher Nolan. He did so not only on the occasion of the “foundation” – It was the same in “Memento”Which falls behind the podium in our movie rating. It is about Leonard Shelby, who is searching for his wife’s killer. However, he has a significant disability, because as a result of an accident, he has lapses in short-term memory.

Memento (2001) - films similar to Inception

Island of Secrets (2003) – TOP 3 – movies like Inception

This Martin Scorsese movie is a real mystery. I’ve watched it many times and after each show I see the ending completely differently. Seriously, nothing is said here directly and little is made clear. In fact, it is not entirely known whether we can talk about a good or bad ending there, and what the course of the film itself was. What is a figment of fiction and what are the real events..confused with confusion but it is worth watching.

Island of Secrets (2003) - films similar to Inception

The Truman Show (1998) – Top 2 – My Beaudouin de Insepje

whether Drama about life in simulation can be presented in a somewhat comical form? Definitely – especially when Jim Carrey himself plays the lead role. The title character leads a perfectly prosperous and happy life. Everything goes with a smile on his face, until he realizes that he is just a character from a TV show, supervised by the director who decides every move he makes.

The Truman Show (1998) - films similar to Inception

Interstellar (2014) – TOP 1 – films similar to Inception

I couldn’t post that arrangement, let alone another incredibly loud movie (by the way, my favourite) by Christopher Nolan. Here, too, we get a heavy dose of “scientific nonsense” And a picture of Einstein’s discoveries in film form. You can get lost very quickly, but if I understand everything correctly, it will be one of the best cinematic experiences of your life. I highly recommend it, it’s worth it.

Interstellar (2014) - films similar to Inception

Movies like Inception – Summary

Behind us a powerful dose of confusion – We quickly got through the movie order Full of ideas, physics and confusion. However, I’m sure you’ve found among films similar to Inception those that might make this evening more enjoyable for you. If, in your opinion, something is missing, be sure to tell us in the comments section – we are waiting for suggestions.

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