Benoit Briar expressed optimism about his health

Benoit Fryer The set of the film was passing last Wednesday good evening. The actor is, among other things, relying on the health issues he experienced last winter.

But the good news is, right now, he’s performing better!

I was not sick, but I suddenly got there “, He began, began.

I was not sick, but I suddenly got there

Then he continued: On stage, while I was doing Broue in Saint-Eustache, I had a stomach ache and I came home. The first sign: I go to bed in full clothes. I would not do this unless I was overly intoxicated “.

Long story summary: A severe diverticulitis which turns into peritonitis and makes me need emergency surgery “, He added.

This is called a BBQ. They zipped me up, they passed the cleaner, and they grabbed the backlink. Did the laundry. I lost weight all at once “, He concluded.

That magazine last November 7 days News Report: The actor had to undergo emergency surgery for treatment of peritonitis. As a result, the actor was prescribed by doctors, resting for several weeks. Performances of the play Tincture It has therefore been postponed to 2022.

Fortunately, the actor continues his tour with his associates Tincture Until 2024.

Remember that the host good evening, Jean-Philippe VaudierWon the challenge presented by one of his guests, Bruno Blanchett.

In fact, the latter asked the host to confront him swimming in the St. Lawrence River.

So the competition took place on May 31 at the Pota Boda Spa.

On her Instagram page, Isabel Price posted a message about both: “ I was there !!! It’s Official, @jpwauthier has become the new official spokesperson for the World Triathlon hosted by Group Copley! What a swimming competition on the St. Lawrence River this afternoon! Good job guys !!! Do not miss this summer’s World Championships in Montreal from June 24 to 26! ⁇ “, He began with the title under his publication.

Thus, the host good evening Not only was he crowned the winner, he also won the title of spokesperson for the 2022 Triathlon World Championships.

Montreal is truly proud to host such a great sporting event. This valuable competition is very important for the trio after the Olympics. There really is something to be happy about. The championships will feature the grounds of Old Montreal Harbor and the streets of its historic district – swimming, running and cycling. The city of Montreal, along with other government funds, supported the event with a financial contribution of $ 850,000 in goods and services. The 2022 Triathlon World Championship is more than just a sporting event, it is an incredible tourist showcase offered to our city “, The person responsible for large parks, Mount Royal, sports and recreation, living space, Park Jean-Drepe and East Montreal has been notified to the Montreal City Board of Directors. Carolyn Bourgeois.

All of our thoughts are with Benoit Prior.

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