Benny Gantz to Benjamin Netanyahu: You have three weeks to change course

During a special statement by Minister Without Portfolio Benny Gantz Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave until June 8th To present a war programme, otherwise his formation will leave the government.

The politician mentioned Six pointsThis is what the Likud leader must fulfill in order for the war government to continue:

  1. Return of hostages to the country
  2. Demobilizing Hamas and demilitarizing the Gaza Strip;
  3. Establishing a ruling alternative in the Gaza Strip;
  4. Return of population from the north by September 1;
  5. Promoting the normalization of relations with Gaza;
  6. Adopting the broad guidelines for establishing a unified Israeli national service

-If you decide to lead the nation into the abyss, We will withdraw from the governmentThe head of the National Union said: “We will go to the people and form a cabinet that can achieve real victory.”

Gantz threatens to break up the coalition. “Something went wrong recently”

The 64-year-old politician indicated that his formation wanted to “serve the country and the nation” by joining the unity government.

For several months, the loneliness was real and meaningful. It has prevented serious mistakes, led to great achievements, and contributed to the return of more than a hundred hostages. together We faced the difficulties of the campaign“Protecting the nation with a kind and strong spirit – and giving those fighting on the front a feeling that we are supported by a common destiny,” Benny Gantz said.

-But something went wrong recently. No important decisions have been made. A small minority captured the command bridge He continued that the Israeli state ship was directing it towards the rocks. Gantz noted that while “Israeli soldiers are showing the utmost courage on the front, some of the people they sent into battle They act cowardly and irresponsible“.

Israel is fighting in Gaza

Reuters estimates that Benny Gantz, the retired senior Israeli general who polls indicate is Benjamin Netanyahu’s most dangerous political rival, has not set a date for a possible exit from the government, but his request could increase pressure on an increasingly clumsy wartime government.

Israel has been fighting in Gaza for nearly eight months – the conflict in the Middle East sparked by an attack by Hamas terrorists. Many hostages remain in the hands of Islamists, and at the same time Tel Aviv launches a series of attacks on the Gaza Strip and the Rafah border crossing. The international community warns of the worsening crisis, possible migration, and the specter of long-term famine in the region.

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