W reakcji na zwiększenie sił "USA i ich sojuszników" przy granicy Białorusi, a także na "zgrupowanie utworzone na południu" przez Ukrainę, Białoruś wzmocniła zgrupowanie wojsk przy granicach z Polską, Litwą i Ukrainą - poinformował szef Sztabu Generalnego Sił Zbrojnych Białorusi generał Wiktar Hulewicz.

In response to the increase in the forces of the “United States and its allies” on the Belarusian border, as well as the “gathering formed in the south” by Ukraine, Belarus has strengthened the concentration of forces on the borders with Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine – reported General Viktor Holevich, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

As part of the second stage of the rapid reaction force test, tactical battalion groups were directed to the direction of western and northwestern operations. In order to strengthen it, subunits of anti-aircraft defense, missile forces and artillery are placed there Hulewicz said.

In order to ensure security in the southern direction, special operations forces have been deployed in three tactical directions – The general said about the border with Ukraine. Holevich explained that this is Minsk’s reaction to the increase in the forces of “the United States and its allies” on the Belarusian border, as well as to the “group formed by Ukraine in the south”.

Previously Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Shrinin mentioned that The Belarusian troop movements are the second stage of a response force test, which Minsk claims, which began on Tuesday, is a “reaction” to NATO exercises that began on May 1. The start of the unannounced test of the Belarusian reaction force was announced on May 4.

By understanding the specific threats that may come (…), we respond appropriately and send forces to these directions Chrenin said.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense also announced the start of formation of regional defense forces in Koprin (Brest region) and Lida (Grodno region) in the west of the country. As mentioned, this is done as part of the “Test of the territorial defense command authority”, and the created units will be directed to “protecting important objects”.

On Monday, during the celebration of Victory Day, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was asked what his country would do if it invaded Poland. Let them try – said the dictator, then added that he “did not break his horns like that.”

During a conversation between Lukashenka and journalists, an employee of the state media said, “For several weeks people have been afraid on the Internet that Poland will attack Belarus.” She said this was indicative of “extensive training”.

We didn’t break our horns like that, so if they want to try – go ahead – confirmed.

He stated that he was worried that soldiers were coming to Poland and Lithuania (“these henchmen”, as Lukashenka called the two countries), and said that the situation should be monitored “so that 1941 does not happen again” (the moment of the German invasion of the war. The territory of today’s Belarus – ed.).

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