February 3, 2023


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beer promotion.  Four bottles at Lidl for free, two at Lidl

beer promotion. Four bottles at Lidl for free, two at Lidl

promotions on beer It is already a permanent item in Polish stores. Every few weeks they return to the largest Polish retail chains. You can get free bottles after fulfilling several conditions. Check out any of them.

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Three simple mickeys that will come in handy while having a beer outdoors. There will be no need for the opener anymore!

Lidl. 4+4 beer promotion

Lidl It seems to have followed the same pattern with every beer promotion. In recent months, the chain is giving away four bottles every time you buy, and four more bottles for free. The cheapest beer is available for free. The show has been scheduled for Friday, September 17th. Includes all bottles of beer available at a discount, be it Kraft, Ruddler, non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beers. In the promotion, you will be able to purchase:in a. Perlenbachen, Corona, Desperados or Somersby.

To take advantage of the beer promotion in ladlow You must activate the appropriate coupon in Application Lidl Plus. Then, at the checkout, you need to scan the application with an active coupon. This one is for single use only.

frog. 4 + 2 beer promotion

promotion in frogs His name was “BROmocja na ŁYKend”. This is another version of the work, which will go into effect on Friday and Saturday 17-18 September. The format of the promotion in Żabka is 4 + 2, that is, when you buy six beers, you will pay for four, and you will get two more for free. The offer, however, does not include all alcoholic beverages offered at Żabka, but only Hardmade, Lech Free, Tyskie, Żubr, Kozel and Captain Jack.

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¯abka And Lech Premium beer in Butelka and Carlsberg in the can is also heavily discounted. When you buy four units of Lech, we get 43 percent. discount, while Carlsberg in this configuration will be discounted at 50 percent.


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