Beer 12 + 12 free Biedronka on the weekend in May 2022. List of beers covered by the offer Friday 29.04.2019

Beer 12 + 12 free Biedronka for the month of May 2022. Promotion of beer 12 + 12 for free returns to Biedronka stores. On Friday, April 29th, when you buy 24 beers, we’ll get the cheapest 12 for free. List of beers covered in the promotion.

Beer 12 + 12 free Pedronka – 04/29/2022

Just before May 2022, a free and attractive beer offer returns to Pedronka. Only on Friday, April 29, customers of the network will be able to take advantage of the promo for free 12 + 12 beers, thanks to which they will receive an additional 12 free beers, including non-alcoholic ones. When purchasing 24 bottles of selected beer, a discount will be applied to the cheapest 12 of them, or when they are the same price as 12 bottles.

The promotion for 12 + 12 free beers at Pedronca will only be valid on Friday, April 29, 2022 or while stocks last. To take advantage of the beer promotion, you must have an active Moja Biedronka Card, which entitles you to take advantage of the 12 + 12 beer promotion for free.

The offer will cover beers from famous brands, such as: CarlsbergAnd HeinekenAnd SomersbyAnd Captain JackAnd coronaAnd the villainAnd ZywiecAnd Pilsner UrquillAnd oilyAnd why freeAnd beck. The maximum beer per Moja Biedronka card is 24 bottles, including 12 for free. Promotional beer can be mixed freely, as you wish.

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Pedronka beer show in May 2022

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Pedronca 12 + 12 free

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