Been searching for it for 28 years.  The perpetrator of a brutal murder fell in a vulgar way - O2

As reported by Fox News, the crime took place on November 27, 1994. Jafrid Tucker, the killer’s victim, did not reach his 19th birthday. But Muhammad Bilal Al-Amin, however, deftly avoided justice over the next 28 years. It happened during a random police search.

Run away for 28 years. It crashed during a routine check

The 18-year-old killer was revealed in Oconee County, Georgia. The police subjected the driving vehicles to a random check. Thus, Muhammad Bilal Al-Amin was chosen. He drove a car despite his license being suspended. Nor did he pay the insurance premiums.

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To avoid justice, the Secretary did not use his driver’s license but used his own. It was he, in fact, all the neglect of the car, which was wrongly accused of the fugitive criminal. However, the police did not immediately realize that they were dealing with a man wanted for the 1994 murder.

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Muhammad Bilal Al-Amin has consistently stuck to the version that he was the person who was using his data. He explained to the police officers that he had no idea why his driver’s license was suspended and that he was unaware that he was committing a driving crime.

In the end, Muhammad Bilal Al-Amin was arrested and his true identity was revealed there. The police routinely took his fingerprints from him and it turned out that they belonged to a fugitive who committed the murder 28 years ago and did not receive justice.

A spokesperson for the local mayor’s office confirmed (Fox News) that his fingerprints matched a name not on his driver’s license.

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