Bayonetta 3 has an introductory release date!  New Nintendo Game Leaked Before Nintendo Direct

Nintendo updated its website even before today’s event and the company could have spoiled a couple of surprises. The company mentioned the initial release date of the third Bayonetta game, and in addition, a brand new game from Nintendo was introduced.

What attractions can we count on for today’s Nintendo Show? We can hope that the company will finally make an unexpected appearance of the highly anticipated PlatinumGames The production has been added to the organization’s 2022 publishing catalog. We haven’t received an exact release date yet, but it’s very likely that we’ll get to know this much-anticipated production at the end of next year.

Bayonetta 3 is expected to appear between September and November 2022. We still can’t talk about details, but updating the subpage before Nintendo Direct allows us to believe we’ll see the game today.

Another production appeared in the Nintendo catalog – Kirby: Discovery of the Stars (a loose translation from Japanese) and is expected to hit the market in the spring of 2022. The company has included a graphic showing the main character of the series in a possibly deserted city.

It’s worth noting that Kirby Fighters 2 was already revealed in the same way, because the release schedule was updated before Nintendo Direct and the site was put on the list.

Kirby 2022

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