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Epic decade Kingsleya Comana It seems endless. The French still did not extend the contract, which is only valid until June 2023. According to media information, the Bayern Munich authorities have already made several offers for the 25-year-old, but all of them have been rejected. The player must have very high financial expectations, even reaching 20 million euro net for the season.

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This may be the new star of the Polish national team. “Ecstasy Among Fans”

Bayern Munich may soon lose one of its stars. Very high financial requirements

Such a high salary would make Koeman one of the best players on the team. Management Bayern However, he does not take this into account at all, so the talks are deadlocked. Neither side wants to soften the situation, which could mean that the French will bid farewell to the Munich team in the near future.

A complete mistake in the departure of Bayern Munich. “Its quality…”

According to the latest reports of the daily “Bild”, two giants in European football are trying to take advantage of the complicated situation of Kingsley Coman – Chelsea I F.C.B. Both clubs are closely watching events related to the Frenchman’s contract and would like to see him at home. Should the player come under more resistance, Bayern may agree to this TransferBecause then he will gain something more from him. Otherwise, in January 2023, the ward will be able to sign a contract with a new employer and leave for free in the summer.

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Bavarians A similar situation as with Koeman, they dealt with a few months ago on David Albee. In the end, the Austrian left for Real as an independent player. Bayern don’t want to lose another important player for free again.

Official: Barcelona with a new coach!  There is an agreement and confirmationOfficial: Barcelona with a new coach! There is an agreement and confirmation

Kingsley Coman until recently suffered several injuries and underwent heart surgery. Only in recent matches did he slowly advance into the squad Juliana Nagelsmana. This season, the Frenchman has played 10 matches in all competitions so far, scoring two goals and making one.

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