Battleship wasn’t thinking about it.  “A joke? Too bad it’s not funny” – o2

The editors of were contacted by a horrified resident of an apartment complex and asked for a journalistic intervention. The woman regularly witnesses the questionable behavior of the city guard, which—as one Poznań resident suggests—seems to annoy the residents.

The situation is like in the movie “The Bear”. The city guards erected barricades, although cars were parked in the places specified by the estate. The fire department says that “these places are forbidden because the line is already gone and there are signs.” joke? It’s a pity that it’s not very funny, – the woman wrote in a letter to the editorial office of

The rest of the article is under the video…

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As in “the task”. Who is right? Citizens or city police?

To the letter, the woman added a photo of a car with hussars standing on the Batory estate. The photo shows that the car was left in a parking lot marked with horizontal markers. What is this about? decided to ask the Poznań City Guard about it.

The explanation seems quite complicated, although Przemysław Piwecki of the City Guard thinks it is simple. As he explains, parking rules on the estate’s inner roads were changed last year in connection with the introduction of a residential area.

Currently, on the roads covered by this area, you can only park your car in places marked by road signs. Some parking spaces that locals have already called have been removed. However, apparently, not quite effectively, because there are still lines on the ground that confuse the population.

The attached photo shows traces of the paint removal work on the lines of the former parking spaces. There is no white or yellow paint there, but only traces from wear of the paint coating. It is worth reminding drivers at this point that the horizontal signs on the roads are painted with white or yellow paint and this is strictly defined by the relevant regulations of the Ministry of the Interior – Piwecki stressed.

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