Battlefield 2042 players are angry and bored.  The announcement of the final update for Season 6 was met with criticism and demands
24 February 2024, at 15:39

The creators of Battlefield 2042 revealed the list of changes that will be introduced by the next update that will conclude the sixth season of the game. There are very few improvements, which has been criticized by players who are increasingly talking about the boredom creeping into the game.

Battlefield 2042, after a brief renaissance, is no longer in good stead again. The game makers announced this On February 28, the new patch 6.4.0 will go into production, which will conclude Season 6 titled Dark Creations..

Unfortunately, the small number of changes introduced by the patch in question is shocking and sad for fans of the series who lose all their patience until the final installment. bf-a.

To better explain what we're dealing with here, let's first take a look at the upcoming improvements Update number 6.4.0.

that it:

  • Return of the Archangel Guidance Event;
  • Fixed servers have been optimized for the mode bf portal;
  • Changes to the onboard gunner and helicopter interface.

In total, there are only three changes and new features that aren't extensive – and that's not including bug fixes. However, we must remember that we are dealing here with a full patch, and not a so-called hotfix.

As if that wasn't enough, that seems to be the main point of the update The Archangel Orientation event, which will run until March 5nothing more than a recycling of last year's event.

The fans are bored and bitter

Venting dissatisfaction with the recession in Battlefield 2042 Th Social media Made by fans of the game. They pointed out that the creators were too slow to introduce new content, really significant improvements, or even balancing changes to the game.

Not a single change in balance. what a shame […]

Yawn!!!! Such dryness in terms of content, and recycling the same old unsatisfying game modes […]

The game is simply boring […]. These damned changes don't really matter.

The S7 update better be huge.

Seems like this is really his last chance Belgian franc 2042 Getting back on track will be with Season 7, which will start in March.

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