Battered - Trailer for the MMA movie from Netflix.  Halle Berry and John Wick

Halle Berry Returning to screens as a director and star of a sports drama FactorialWhich is supposed to be a powerful cinema about redemption and second chance. The fights were designed by the acrobatic businessmen from 87 Eleven who Halle Berry worked with in the film John Wick 3.

Multiple world boxing champion and UFC world champion Valentina Shevchenko was responsible for training Halle Berry for the role of the fighter. She explains that the actress trained for 3-4 years. This included Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and mixed martial arts fencing. Halle Berry herself performs all the action scenes. This led to … rib fractures during one of the film’s fights, but this did not stop the director from continuing her work. Shevchenko also plays the film’s antagonist to Perry’s character.

Beaten – Trailer

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Being Beaten – What is the movie about?

Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) is a former MMA fighter. There is no happiness in life, and after so many years of fighting in which she put herself in danger, she is still seething with anger and remorse. Her manager and boyfriend Desi (Adan Kanto) convinces her to stand in the ring again. During a brutal illegal fight, Jackie gets the attention of a league promoter (Shamir Anderson), who promises her a new life. However, Jackie’s path to redemption becomes unexpectedly complicated when Manny (Danny Boyd Jr.), the son she abandoned shortly after birth, appears at her door. “Battered” is the debut of Academy Award®-winning director Halle Berry. Stars Adrian Lennox, Sheila Atem, Valentina Shevchenko and Stephen McKinley Henderson.

Factorial – Premiere on Netflix on November 24, 2021.

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