Batman starring Jack Nicholson is already 35 years old.  Although the film made millions, due to the star’s underhanded contract, it probably did not generate any profit for the studio.

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June 24, 2024, 5:00 pm

Tim Burton’s Batman celebrates its 35th anniversary. Due to a certain clause in the contracts of Jack Nicholson and the creators, there is speculation as to whether the show, which has been a huge hit, grossing over $400 million worldwide, will be profitable for Warner Bros. Absolutely.

Image source: Batman, Tim Burton, Warner Bros., 1989


Batman Tim Burton, one of the most iconic and original comic book movies, He is already 35 years old. In this work, Michael Keaton wore the superhero costume, but he nonetheless created a distinctive role Jack Nicholson Like Joker. On the occasion of the anniversary of the show’s premiere, we present an interesting fact that everyone has definitely not heard about.

Although the 1989 film had a great cast and a young but talented director, Few people expected such a huge success Batman Tim Burton has finally succeeded. However, Jack Nicholson had a certain obsession about the scene, and thanks to his role in the action, he not only created an unforgettable performance, but also He got a fortune.

despite of The actor agreed to pay up to six million dollars for his participation in the film, including a very clever clause in his contract. Jack Nicholson negotiated a 15% share of the show’s profits, which was to rise to 20%, If the address turns out to be successful. The star’s earnings wouldn’t have been so amazing had they not been included in the contract Back One specific word: “gross”.

This meant that the studio had to pay the actor a proportionate percentage of the show’s entire revenue – Warner Bros. She could not previously deduct any expenses for either advertising, marketing, or “creative accounting.”

At the same time, it was a sight that cost money 48 million dollars (The film exceeded its original budget of PLN 35 million), He succeeded A huge success in cinemas. Already on its opening weekend Batman It brought in 40 million in ticket sales, eventually making money worldwide $400 million – and a significant portion of that amount went into Jack Nicholson’s pocket.

About the fact that on Batman The label may have been either unprofitable or at a loss, the Los Angeles Times reported as early as 1991. Everyone Due to huge spending on advertising, which was largely responsible for the film’s successthe “gross” clause in the contract is not only for the actor playing the Joker, but also for Tim Burton and the producers.

Although we don’t know if Warner did anything in the 1989 film or just a little, we can confirm that Jack Nicholson W Batman He managed to negotiate one of the most profitable deals in Hollywood history.

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