Bartosz Couric comments on Poland and Slovenia.  "Lord on a pillar"

After an incredibly exciting match, the Poles lost in the semi-finals of the European Championship. Vital Heinen lost 1:3 (25:17, 30:32, 16:25, 35:37) to SloveniaWithdrawing from this tournament with the Slovenes for the fourth time in a row. The second set might have been the most painful, as the Poles had up to six set pieces, but it wasn’t enough to win the set, and then the Polish national team match crashed.

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Strong game – #StrojeZaAsy. Report from Katowice

There has never been such a horror movie yet! Poland fell to Slovenia in the semi-finals of European volleyball players

Cork: Much can be said about the gentleman in office today

The fate of the fourth group had to be decided twice, with a challenge that lasted forever. He also confirmed this in an interview with TVP Sport Bartosh Cork. – There was some emotion at the end of this meeting. I do not want to talk about arbitration, because today a lot can be said about the gentleman in the post and interesting things about their cooperation. God forbid any criticism – the Polish striker admitted.

For the fourth time in a row, Poland withdrew from the European Championship after the match with Slovenia, but Couric does not believe that fate hangs in Poland. I think if one team keeps winning, it means they have better players in every position. Today they beat us not only with their team work, but also with individual skills. They played fantastically, Klemen Cebulj, Tine Urnaut, who returned to the match in great style, congratulations to them – added Kurek.

Poland - Slovenia in the semi-finals of the European Volleyball ChampionshipIt is inexplicable what the Poles did in the semi-finals of the European Championship. How could it be?

For the Poles, reaching the final was a very important goal, as they wanted to partially compensate for their defeat in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. – We wanted to offer something for ourselves, the Polish fans. We are trying to get up now, and tomorrow another meeting, certainly not easier, and perhaps mentally more difficult – concluded Cork.

In the final of the European Championship, the Slovenes will face the winner of the second semi-final between Serbia and Italy, which will start at 21:00. Live coverage on and the LIVE mobile application.

Strong game – #StrojeZaAsy in the European Volleyball Championship

The editors of fund match kits for young players for every service that Polish volleyball players provide at the European Championship. So far, the Poles have scored 58 points through their play, which means 174 outfits have been funded!

The following aces will be counted online and on outdoor advertising in the Cepelia building in Warsaw and the main railway station in Katowice – the unofficial Polish capital of volleyball, where the final stage of the entire event will take place. Work details herecompetition rules, Where we draw fashion here.

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