Bart Sosnowski is dead.  He was 38 years old

Piotr Stelmach was the first to report the death of the musician. “I don’t take it for granted. Brother, where are you?” – The journalist wrote. Later, Bart Sosnowski’s wife confirmed the information: “Yesterday, Bart Sosnovsky left us. The pirate set off on the longest journey … He will always be near us. And Ola’s heart broke into a million pieces …”.

“We received shocking information about the death of Partek Sosnowski. The young artist performed in the studio of Agnieszka Osiecka during his debut ceremony, and also appeared on the air several times with his music. It is difficult to accept this information” – it was written on the glimpse of the Polish radio program 3.

Bartek Sosnowski, also known as Bart Sosnowski, is nominated for the 2020 Fryderyk Award in the Blues Album, Composer and Guitarist category. He also played the banjo and percussion instruments. His debut album was recorded entirely on gear that fits in one suitcase.

A year later, the album “Just Don’t Be Alarmed” joined his discography. His new album “Just Don’t Get It” was released on February 28 last year – all the lyrics were written by his partner Alexandra Gorica, from whom the artist gave birth to a son named Leon.

Yesterday, it was announced, on the artist’s Instagram, about his upcoming concert, which was supposed to take place on September 8.

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