Barcelona midfielder Lewandowski was impressed.  Football “It’s the best in the world”

Until a few years ago Miralem Bjanic He was the leading midfielder in the world. In 2017, he was the main manager of Juventus to reach the finals Champions League (loses 1:4 with Real). The problem is that in the following seasons he played worse and worse. In September 2020, Juventus replaced the Bosnian midfielder Arthur Barcelona. But to this day, both clubs are unhappy with the deal. Pjanic’s first season at the Catalan club was so bad that he spent the previous matches on loan at Besiktas. And even worse: in Turkey, he did not impress either. Pjani is now 32 and everything indicates that in the new season he will try to convince Xavi to give him a chance.

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Kosovsky scratched his chin. Unequivocally about Borok’s career

The fans do not want Ronaldo to move. “It is better to lose than to win with such a man”

– I’ve been suffering lately from injuries, the Corona virus, and changing clubs. But it is different now. I’m sure I can go back to my best. This summer I did a special workout with a physical readiness coach. It’s time to show off fans Real Pjanic – Quoted from the Catalan midfielder “Sport”.

Pjanic is excited to work with Xavi. – It’s great because Xavi has always been my role model. Like a midfielder. That’s why I tried to imitate him. In my opinion, this is one of the best midfielders ever. Working with him is amazing. A good season awaits us – said the former player of Juventus, Roma and Lyon.

Robert Lewandowski will play Wojciech SzczecinyLewandowski vs. Schchosny. Where do you watch the Barcelona-Juventus strike? [TRANSMISJA]

There was also the subject of Robert Lewandowski. – He’s the best striker in the world. But he doesn’t just score, it’s about his overall playing up front. Pjanic said the last two years have not been the best for Barcelona, ​​but I’m sure we can win the league.

Barcelona in a successful match with Juventus

Barcelona are preparing for the new season with their summer tour of the United States, where they will face Juventus on Wednesday, July 27 in the Football Champions Tour in Dallas. Two wins behind Xavi matches: with Inter Miami and Real Madrid. It appeared for the first time in the last Robert Lewandowski.

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