Barbara Cordage-Demon released a statement.  Apologies to the border guards

Barbara Cordage the Devil He caused quite a stir by posting a few days ago Video and vulgar post on Instagram, where Comment on the video that shows the cruel scenes taking place on the Polish-Belarusian border. “Machines blindly follow orders!!!!! Ku **a!!!!!! How could it be !!!!!!! My heart hurts and my whole chest is shivering and roaring!!!!!! the killers !!!!! Do you still want such a government? – I wrote. Although the post disappeared from her Instagram profile after a while, the actress She became the heroine of “Wiadomości” TVP, as well as other press programs of the broadcaster. Yaroslav Yakimovich and Magdalena Ogorek spared sarcastic words In the “In counter” program aimed at the finalist of the “Your Face Looks Familiar” program, Including describing her as the “ad girl”.

On Tuesday, the media reported that The Attorney General’s office ex officio has launched an investigation into Barbara Cordage-Demon’s entry. It’s about insulting Border Patrol officers. On the same day, Telewizja Polska president, Jacek Kurski announced via Twitter that Star edited from “M jak miłość”and therefore will no longer appear in any TVP productions.

The rest of the article is below the video:

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Barbara Cordig Szatan apologizes to Border Patrol officers

Late Tuesday evening Barbara Cordage Demon recalled recent events And media reports that she became a heroine. In a short statement, the actress confirmed her position on the matter as well I apologize to the border guards.

“Ladies and gentlemen, in reference to the stated subject of my emotional reaction and great indignation regarding the situation at the border with Belarus, I would like to emphasize once again that My words relate to the specific situation displayed in the recording. In my speech, for which I apologize for the vulgar language, I only criticize what I saw then in the video posted online. I would like to emphasize that strongly I respect the hard work of all the regular forces and appreciate their effortsto keep us safe. I apologize to the Border Guard representatives who may have been offended by my words, which I spoke so quickly and in emotion.Barbara Cordig Szatan wrote on Instagram.

Moments after the statement was published, Barbara Cordage Szatan blocked the ability to comment on the post by netizens.

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