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Polish representation He won 4:1 with Andorra and secured at least one of the qualifiers for promotion to the World Championship. The Poles still have a chance of a direct promotion to the championship, but they have to count on England to lose to San Marino and Sousa to win high against them. Hungary. Such a scenario is practically impossible, which means that in March 2022, decisive matches await on the way to promotion to the World Cup.

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ANDORA – Poland. The discount is broken, we have qualifiers! Uncertain Szczęsny with goal goal

Poland will certainly play in the play-offs for promotion to the 2022 World Cup. What is the classification? What is the date of the lottery? [ZASADY]

The play-offs will feature 10 teams that will finish second in each World Cup qualifying group, plus two teams from The League of Nations. In the first stage, six ranked teams will face six unranked teams. The top teams will include the teams from the second positions with the best balance (in the case of groups of six, points with the weakest team are excluded, i.e. Poland wins two games against San Marino). Among the unranked, there will be four teams from second place with the worst tally and two teams from the League of Nations.

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Preparation is important because, on the one hand, it allows you to avoid potentially better teams, and in addition, the semi-final match will be played at home. It is worth noting here that only one match will be played in each of the semi-finals and finals The semi-final matches are scheduled for March 24-25, and the final matches are scheduled for March 28 and 29 next year. The contestants for the next round, as well as where the final will take place, will be chosen in a drawing that will take place on Friday, November 26.

Poland’s problem in the Hungary match. Seven players may be disqualified before the semi-final match

2022 World Cup Qualifiers. Who can beat Poland? What will be the result of sowing?

Although the World Cup qualifiers are drawing to a close, it is still unclear in many groups who will take the top two places. The only confirmed team that will make it to the qualifiers is Scotland in Group F, and Poland are very close to them as well. As for the remaining groups, the situation is as follows:

  • Croup A – Portugal, Serbia (17 points each)
  • Group B – Spain (16 points) and Sweden (15 points).
  • Group C – Italy and Switzerland (15 points each).
  • Group D: France (12 points), Ukraine (9 points), Finland (8 points), Bosnia and Herzegovina (7 points).
  • Group E – Belgium (16 points), the Czech Republic (11 points) and Wales (11 points).
  • Group G – Netherlands (19 points), Norway (17 points) and Turkey (15 points).
  • Group H: Russia (22 points) and Croatia (20 points).
  • Group J – North Macedonia (15 points) and Romania (14 points).

Andorra - PolandFives, but there’s also one two! “was expected” [OCENY]

The situation in individual groups is dynamic, and there is no shortage of people fighting for first and second places. In addition, some teams will have head-to-head matches, such as Portugal-Serbia or Croatia-Russia, which may change the situation in the groups by 180 degrees. If the qualifying rounds end at this point, Poland will finish fifth in the second-place standings, giving it a rating.

Current second place table:

  1. Serbia – 7 matches, 17 points, goal balance: 16-8
  2. Switzerland – 7 matches, 15 points, goal balance: 11-2
  3. Sweden – 7 matches – 15 points – Goal score: 12-5
  4. Croatia – 7 matches, 14 points, goal balance: 16-4
  5. Poland – 7 matches, 14 points, goal balance: 17-8
  6. Scotland – 7 games – 14 points – goal balance: 7-12
  7. Czech Republic – 7 matches – 11 points – Goal balance: 9-12
  8. Norway – 6 matches – 11 points – goal score 7-5
  9. North Macedonia – 7 matches, 9 points, goal balance: 11-10
  10. Ukraine – 7 matches – 9 points – goal balance: 9-8

* – as a winning group in league Wales and Austria also play the playoffs.

At the moment it is only known that winning the match against Hungary gives us 100%. Seeding in the playoffs. In the event of a draw and defeat, the Poles will have to count on positive results in other matches.

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