'Baptism': Catarzyna Figura's amazing transformation

On November 18, the long-awaited Polish film will premiere in cinemas “baptism”.

Catarzina Figura In it, she boldly played a mature provincial woman, mother of six children, who wants to reconcile a feuding family at any cost. For this role, the actress underwent an amazing transformation – a change in hair color, aging and weight gain.

baptism It’s a great story about the parent system. My heroine, Mariana, has become a very central and powerful character at the same time. She is the driving force behind all events, but her strength lies in the simplicity of her gestures, dreams and aspirations – Mariana’s supreme goal is to protect the community of her family “- emphasizes the actress.

The highly expressive and memorable role of Catarzina Figora was well received by viewers and critics.

“Katarzyna Figura shows just how talented she is in great dramatic roles. It’s an amazing transformation!” – said critic Łukasz Adamski. “Katarzina Figura is in great shape” – confirms journalist Artur Zaborsky.

The moral comedy “Chrzciny” was awarded at the Tofifest International Film Festival in Toruń and the Youth and Film Festival in Koszalin.

December 1981. Mariana, an ardent Catholic, decided to use the family celebration – the baptism of the youngest grandson, to reconcile her children who had been quarreling for years. General Jaruzelsky, who declared martial law that day, would unexpectedly prevent her from doing so. Wishing to end family reconciliation, Mariana decided to hide the truth about the situation in the country from her children. This seemingly small lie will lead to a torrent of unexpected events that will be difficult to stop.

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