Bank breaks.  Service works on the weekend of June 14-16, 2024 [PKO BP, Pekao, Santander, ING Bank Śląski, Millennium, Alior, Credit Agricole, Pocztowy]

PKO BP, Pekao, Santander, ING Bank Śląski, Millennium, Alior, Credit Agricole, Pocztowy – these banks have planned service work for the coming weekend. In some cases, it’s better to have some cash on hand.

BP peacekeeping operation

“We need some time for technical work, that’s why On Sunday, June 16, 2024 from 00:00 to 12:00 “It will not be possible to: use the iPKO website, iPKO biznes, open banking function and payments in online stores using the Płaczem z iPKO service,” PKO BP said in a statement.

He added, “During the break, you will be able to withdraw money from ATMs and pay in fixed stores and electronic stores only using the BLIK application and the IKO application,” and “All cards will work in ATMs and stationery stores,” while “as part of protecting the payment card via Internet 3D-Secure 2, only authorization via SMS code and card PIN will be available.

“in addition to On Tuesday, June 18, 2024 from 01:30 to 04:40 It will not be possible to: carry out card and BLIK transactions at PKO Bank Polski ATMs and cash deposit machines; Set a personal identification number (PIN) and activate cards in the IKO app and iPKO website; “Verify PIN for 3D Secure Transactions,” the ad said.

It was explained that “difficulties may also occur while: paying cards in stationary and online stores; withdrawing cards from ATMs of other banks; linking cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, SwatchPAY! and Xiaomi Pay and making payments with them.”

“If you can, please complete all important transactions early,” the message read.

Bikao Bank

“In the days 14-17.06.2024 p. Bikao Bank announced that we will carry out service work.

The letter to customers stated:From June 14 from 18.00 to June 17 until 10.00“You may experience difficulties” in accessing and submitting instructions and orders in TFI Allianz Polska SA funds on the Pekao24 website and the PeoPay application.

He also wrote: “June 17 from 1.00am to 4.30am:

– You will not use BLIK in the PeoPay app, – You will not top up your phone on the Pekao24 website and the PeoPay app, – You will not request a credit card transfer, – You will not complete an online transaction using the 3-D secure code, – You may have difficulties using debit card, ATMs and terminals Payment to our bank.

She advised “planning all these operations in advance.”

Santander Bank Polska

Santander reported this Saturday to Sunday (15/16 June) from 11pm to 6.30am Due to maintenance work, the following services will not be available: online banking, mobile applications, instant transfers (Express Elixir, Bluecash), payment in online stores (Przelew24), BLIK, Santander currency exchange office.

ING Slasky Bank

“In the Night From Saturday to Sunday, June 15/16, from 23:30 to 6:00 “We are planning service work,” the statement said.

ING Bank Śląski wrote that “some of our services will not operate during this period, including:

– Automated teller machines and cash deposit machines; – Moje ING online banking system and Moje ING mobile application; – ING Business online banking system and its mobile version; – Blake Payments. – Fast transfers. – Online payments using Płać z ING; – Online card payments using 3D Secure, i.e. those additionally confirmed in the app or using a one-time SMS code; – Automatically collect fees on highways. – Special PSD2 interface.

It was added that “you cannot purchase products at Moje ING and on the website (including loans and accounts, including savings accounts).”

“It is better to withdraw cash and make necessary transfers and purchases outside service hours,” the instructions stated.

Millennium Bank

“In the Night From Saturday to Sunday, June 15-16 at 1:30-3:30 The mobile app and Millenet will not be available. You won’t pay with BLIK either. Plan important payments in advance!” the bank wrote.

“During the period of unavailability, you can pay by card at fixed points and withdraw cash from ATMs. If you have a new card, activate it before we start the service. Cards added to the virtual wallet before the service starts will also work,” the announcement explains.

Alior Bank

“We would like to inform you that Saturday, June 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m The statement said that the investment system will not be available due to ongoing maintenance work.

Credit Agricole

The bank stated that “at night From Saturday to Sunday (16/15/2006), from 23:00 to 10:00 The mobile app, CA24 eBank, online transfer and BLIK will not be available.

“During this time, you will not receive SMS notifications about the card transaction. You can only block your card on our hotline. The cash deposited at the ATM will be credited after the break. If you plan to make transfers, make them in advance,” she said. The message: Payment cards in shops, service points and when withdrawing from ATMs will work normally, however, keep cash with you in case this happens.

“Additionally at night,” he added From Friday to Saturday (14/15/2006) from 3:00 to 5:00 The currency exchange office will not be available in the CA24 Mobile app.

Postal Bank

“We would like to inform you that in June 16, 2024 from 03.00 to 08.00Administrative work will be carried out which may lead to the following difficulties in card transactions: Inability to link cards to digital wallets Inability to perform card transactions online with the 3DS service Inability to download the CVC2 code when downloading card details The bank wrote in a statement: “ “And the inability to provide the virtual card number immediately after submitting the application.”

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