January 27, 2023


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Bandit foul, 2 red cards and... 2 kicks disallowed.  Brazil tied with Ecuador [WIDEO]

Bandit foul, 2 red cards and… 2 kicks disallowed. Brazil tied with Ecuador [WIDEO]

Ecuador drew 1-1 at home with Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers. The game had a strange trajectory.

The guests took the lead already in the sixth minute. In confusion after a corner kick, Casemiro pushed the ball into the goal from close range.

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Ecuador started playing poorly very quickly. A quarter of an hour later, Alexandre Dominguez fired from the field, who brutally attacked Mateus Cunha. Hit him with the sole of his shoe in the neck. The Atletico striker played with a bandage until the end of the match.

The match resumed after a few minutes. First, Philippe Coutinho missed a free kick, and soon after, the forces equalized on the field. Emerson Royal was sent off the field after a second yellow card.

The confusion did not end there. In the 26th minute, the referee showed another red card – this time Alisson saw it after a foul on Ener Valencia. The decision lasted for five minutes – after watching the replay, Wilmar Roldan checked and gave the Liverpool goalkeeper a yellow card.

The game was ugly and jerky and the breaks doubled. Suffice it to say that the first half has been extended by ten minutes!

Shortly after the end of the first half the ball entered Brazil’s goal. The goal was not allowed, as Estupinan, who assisted him, hit the ball from behind the finish line.

The representative of Ecuador announced himself again a few minutes later. This time he fell into the penalty area and referee Roldan originally ordered a penalty kick. He changed his mind again after watching a replay.

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The Brazilians played passively, not giving much in attack. They were penalized in the 75th minute. Torres hit the net after a corner kick.

The hosts were more active until the end of the match. It looked as if they were going to take the prize in overtime. Once again, the referee gave them a penalty, but again … just for a moment. A few minutes later, this eleven was cancelled. No goal has been scored yet.

Brazil still leads the group and is already confident of reaching the World Cup. Ecuador is in third place in the table.


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