Bailiffs can’t take these things from us.  Some benefits and necessary elements for work and study.  What then? [lista]

Bailiffs do not have a good reputation. However, it is thanks to them that the creditors can recover the overdue receivables. Not everyone knows that the enforcement procedure is very formal. In light of the law, there are limitations as well as exceptions exempted from auctions of bailiffs. Some benefits and elements necessary for work and study, and what next? See our photo gallery for a list of items excluded from record executions. The bailiff can’t take this from us!

Can the bailiff seize everything related to the debtor? Well, no. Unreliable debtors must take into account the fact that one day a bailiff will knock on their door. In the first place is usually the debtor’s account, as well as his wages, and therefore – the debtor cannot freely dispose of the funds flowing into his bank account.

Enforcement procedures are strictly formalized. This means that there are a bunch of things that the bailiff can’t grab. What exactly are we talking about? Food supplies, tools needed for work, or items needed for learning—among other things, these items are exempt from enforcement of the bail. See the list below for a full list of things a bailiff can’t seize.

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There is a list of benefits that are excluded from applying the minutes. This includes certain benefits, allowances, allowances, and some clauses. Look in our gallery of what a prepper can’t take!

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