Bad news from Italy.  Nikola Zalosky was injured at the worst moment

And on Saturday, Roma faced one of their last pre-season friendlies. Her rival was Tottenham Hotspur. Nikola Zaloski came into the first lineup of the Italian team, but did not finish the match.

The 20-year-old left the field in the 60th minute – it looked very scary at first and there was ice on the ankle immediately. Fortunately, after the final whistle, Zalewski approached the Roma fans on his own.

La Gazetta dello Sport reports that Zalewski has sprained his ankle, with first reports stating a 3-6 week break.

For a pole, an injury at this point is bad news. Roma will play their first league match on August 14, and if the diagnoses are confirmed, Zalewski will not only miss the last stage of the preparatory period, but also the start of the season, which is the worst.

After recovering, the Polish actor will have to fight back to get back into Jose Mourinho’s starting line-up.


His eyesight deteriorated day by day. First in one eye. Activities in the hall, a ball hit him in the face Michau Globusch was in the hospital. Later, the vision in the other eye faded. Nevertheless, a well-deserved youth coach and teacher can still be found in the stands of the stadium in Gdynia – he comes to the matches and his friends tell him what is happening on the field. In “X-ray”, the European Championship gold medalist for years, the Guardian talks about learning a new life and putting the head at an angle so that the number of the trolley car coming into the station can be seen.

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