March 31, 2023


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Bad luck to Iwa Soboda!  Stunning finale during HM¦.  dramatic ending

Bad luck to Iwa Soboda! Stunning finale during HM¦. dramatic ending

Ewa Soboda fourth in indoor world champion In a path of 60 meters. Thus, there is no second medal for Poland in Belgrade. tens of minutes ago silver It was won by Adrianna Su³ek, who competed in the pentathlon.

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Ewa Soboda without a medal. So little was missing

It has been known for several weeks that Swoboda is currently doing well. Repeatedly broke Polish records. Before the World Cup itself, I set it at 6.99. In Belgrade, she showed from the start that she is still going strong.

Adriana Suchek Vice World Champion! “Nothing to talk about.” A new star will grow for us!

7.10 – This is the score I got Iwa Soboda In the early morning. The Polish women made it to the semi-finals for the third time, but the best form was due to be presented in the evening, when the medal contest was decided.

The first information confirmed this. In the semi-finals, Pole clocked 7.03, confidently won her race and was promoted to the final. Our player led American Marybeth St. Price by 0.02 seconds. Swoboda entered the final with the best time.

The 24-year-old did not start well in the final. He seemed to be getting closer to number one with every moment. It was, however, an illusion. In the end, Mujinga Kambundji won the gold medal. The Swiss covered 60 meters by 6.96 metres. This is the best result in the world this season. American Micah Brisco of the United States won the silver with a time of 6.99.

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The Polish women fought over the bronze to the end, but there was not much left. Swodoba clocked 7.04. Like Marypath St. Price. Therefore, a more accurate measurement was required. Unfortunately, it turned out that the American was one thousandth of a second faster.