Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024)

Mike’s peaceful honeymoon and Marcus’ diet are interrupted when some dark cartel types decide to try to frame Captain Howard for accepting bribes from them. But his evil children won’t believe in such nonsense… Another investigation begins, full of shooting, which will likely be a hell full of paperwork when it’s all over.

Michael Bay’s Bad Boys were the perfect movie for my young mind when Michael Bay called them into service in 1995. They were brutal, stylish, funny, and the camera was constantly panning around them and everything else. But then I became angry and angry, which is why I had almost no interest in Part 3 when it was released. I don’t remember exactly why I missed the movie (maybe because Jędrek was writing the review anyway, so it’s a waste of time?), but I had already given up on it, so my wife and I went there yesterday with smiles on our faces. Did Chris Bremner and Will Beall manage to write a script that would keep those smiles alive for nearly two hours in a movie theater seat?

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Yes and no. On the one hand, in “Ride or Die” we get a story written with love for the previous parts of the series, with a lot of references to those events and characters, on the other hand, in some moments it is a bit sick – it is conceived and, in my opinion, tries too hard to be Funny, and doesn’t end up successfully imitating the light banter and humor of the original. But the biggest problem with Adil El Arbi and Bilal Falah’s film is its length. There’s a lot going on here As the action moved from one set piece to the next, perhaps it was due to somewhat late viewing, but I was already a bit tired in the final third and was starting to wait for the end.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024) – Review and opinion about the movie [UIP]. Fairly simple story

Most of the plot revolves around the previously mentioned framework of Captain Howard, but in reality this is only the core of the story around which subsequent threads revolve. So, a moment later, our heroes (Will Smith and Martin Lawrence) must escape the law if they want to close the case, one of the boys suffers from drug attacks, and the other believes he is immortal and returns after being bitten in the previous film, the plot of Mike’s illegitimate son, Armando (Jacob Scipio), Howard’s vengeful daughter, Judy (Rhea Seehorn), Marcus’ funny brother-in-law, Reggie (Dennis Green), the boss and his co-workers. Our heroes, as well as several side characters from previous films who may not be here at all and nothing much will change. And that’s not even mentioning the villains.

We will spend a large part of the film observing the actions of these villains, even before we know exactly who they are and what they want. On the one hand, it gives an interesting look at the whole situation, and on the other, the screenplay makes no effort to make McGrath (Eric Dane), Lentz (Derek Russo) or Nicole (Gina Cannell) believable as flesh and flesh. – Bloody characters – They’re practically extras with dialogue, not people you can say anything about – so I don’t understand what purpose the scenes with their involvement were supposed to serve, other than to inflate the running time. The second thing, for exactly this reason, is that the secret villain, who was so obvious almost from the beginning that they could have signed him and I wouldn’t have felt cheated anymore, became easier to identify even before the official reveal. If someone makes an effort to make it a secret, it’s best to camouflage it in some way

Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024) – Review and opinion about the movie [UIP]. Work before the big A

Mike at work

However, I think that few people watch the films of this series because of their intricately hidden plots. As always with (posted by) Michael Bay, it’s about excitement and entertainment. In this regard, you can’t complain about “ride or die”. The variety of action scenes is so impressive that they could fill, for example, the next installment of “Uncharted” (games, ofkors). What’s not here?! Shooting in an urban area, outdoors, in the air, in water, in a prison, in a moving elevator, with the camera hanging upside down, with a drone flying between the actors, with a first-person perspective, as in the old movie “Doom” By Andrzej Bartkowiak, viewed from surveillance cameras. This final scene is perhaps the funniest and most exciting scene in the entire film, allowing Reggie to finally earn his father-in-law’s respect. However, as with everything else, there are simply too many of these scenes. Is stealing clothes from rednecks in some camp so important that the movie would fail without it? Or the scene with DJ Khaled? If they were somehow funny, I would understand. correct!

The film’s humor is very uneven. There’s still plenty worth laughing at on a regular basis, but for every good gag or line we get at least a few full-on cracks. The conversations between the main characters are the crudest. Don’t get me wrong, both Smith and Lawrence can be funny from time to time, but their dialogue is too long – it’s constant, and even half of it is so predictable that you feel the dividing line a mile away. Fortunately, the second half of the film is much better. Marcus, in particular, throws in comedy gold with machine-gun hesitation in the final act.

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” is, on the one hand, a well-made piece of action cinema, but on the other, it’s very heavy on content — both good and bad. If you’re in the mood for a fairly light but brutal action movie, you’ll probably have a good time. The humor could have been rewritten several times, and some scenes could have been trimmed or cut entirely, but just for entertainment purposes, the creators did a great job. You just have to remember the convention we’re dealing with and don’t rely on over-the-top cinematography, because that’s not the point here.

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