Bad Boys 4 not very good?  Reviews and ratings are quite mixed

Bad Boys 4the next part of the series that will be shown in cinemas under the title Bad Boys: Ride or Die He has the first reviews. So far, 68 cases have emerged (46 positive, 22 negative). Which gives 68% positive opinions. The average rating is 6.10/10, which is the same as the previous part.

Bad Boys 4 – Reviews

In positive reviews, everyone agrees that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence still have great and entertaining chemistry. Their banter is fun and great to watch. However, even in these reviews they point out that it does not go as well as in the first parts, but they still have something that connects them well and creates the expected duet. At the same time, negative reviews accuse the character of being exaggerated – especially the one played by Lawrence, who often acts like someone from an anime. There’s even an argument that men don’t put in as much effort on screen, because they don’t have the same energy they once did. Humor is also criticized because it is not always on point in their dialogues. There is great criticism of the bad script here.

There are also quite obvious arguments: it’s a stupid, entertaining, over-the-top movie. They call it the perfect summer remover. On the plus side, they say it’s a bit like the z approach fast and angry, when you create something consciously exaggerated, which provides the expected entertainment, because in all this the combination of Michael Bay’s approach from the first parts and new directors creates an explosive mixture. At the same time, negative reviews claim that because of how poorly the script is written, how many holes it has, and the overall story and plot and unlikeable characters, it is difficult to enjoy it.

However, everyone – both positive and negative reviews – agree that the director duo handled the creation of the action scenes creatively, innovatively and really well. This is an aspect Bad Boys 4 Frequently deliver exciting and surprising impressions with unconventional ideas. One of them can be seen in the video from the collection included in this story. Despite the great work done by the actors and actors, these scenes are also part of the story’s conscious exaggeration, which reviewers often point out. In terms of action, chases, and bloody ideas related to it, Bad Boys 4 Provides sensations. For many, this is enough to make it a 6/10 enjoyable experience.

Generic, boring, hackneyed, with a bad script and out of place humor – these are the arguments that are repeated in negative reviews. On the plus side, they seem to be aware of all this, but the good chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence makes the movie Bad Boys 4 It is the entertainment viewers expect on warm days. Many people point out that the crazy imitation of Part 4 results from the amount of heart and emotion the creators put into it, because you can feel it on screen.


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