Bad Boys 4 exceeded all expectations at the box office.  Movie theaters for them!

Bad Boys 4that it Bad Boys: Ride or Die They have exceeded all expectations in North America. It was announced to have a maximum opening of $40 million, and the action film collected that amount 56 million dollars. Additionally, it received higher ratings from viewers, which should translate into lower attendance. 3.9 million tickets were sold for the action movie. This is a surprise because no one could have expected it. Especially whether viewers will accept Will Smith after the Oscars scandal.

Experts point this out, by the way Bad Boys 4 They crushed another new thing ObserversWhich belongs to Warner Btos studio. The same one that threw the finished film in the trash at the company’s request Bat girl – The film directed by the creators of Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Bad Boys 4 – Box Office świat

He also collected very good things in the world $48.6 million. to summarise, The account generated $104.6 million against a budget of $100 million. These results are only slightly weaker than those of the previous part, which was the last trading hit before the coronavirus pandemic.

foot. Sony pictures

Garfield – box office

animation Garfield He still enjoys the attention. On the third weekend, the exhibits were collected 10 million dollars In North America. It has a total of $68.613 million in this market. Global revenue was US$15.3 million (US$124.1 million gross). to summarise, The account raised $192.7 million against a budget of $60 million.

Fantastic Creatures – Box Office

The platform ends with a family movie Wonderful creatures, which is once again seeing a low attendance drop. This time in North America, it collected $8 million ($93.5 million total). His net worth is $6.2 million worldwide ($67.2 million total). to summarise, US$160.7 million on account against a budget of US$110 million.

Photo: press materials

Observers – box office

heresy Observers In fourth place only with a result of 7 million US dollars. In the world, it’s even worse – only $4.7 million. to summarise, $11.7 million on account against a budget of $30 million and average audience ratings. Warner Bros. There is no reason to be complacent.

foot. Warner Bros. Discovery

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