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Since its first appearance in 2017,”(DVAB) is one of the most popular family programs From the adventures and misdeeds of those living in the vicinity of Lima, it was set in its first seasons in the 70s and changed from 2020 to the present.

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One of the characters who caused sympathy for the public was the housemaid Congratulations, Played the Peruvian actress Nidia Permejo, Disappears from the screen when she returns to her hometown with her father in the third season, leaving her boyfriend on the altar.

After knowing the return Eric Elera, Who left the show at the time, fans Congratulations They wonder if the attractive young woman has a chance to come back; However, Nidia Permejo It turned out that it was not possible because he had other plans along the way: what was it? Read on.

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Thanks to his charisma and innocence, Felicitas became one of the most beloved characters in the first three seasons of the “Back to the Neighborhood” series (Photo: USA TV)

Why did Nidia Permejo leave the project?

In an interview America TelevisionThe 42-year-old actress commented, “I leave this show very happy and grateful for the affection of the public. Living in the suburbs of Lima allowed him to analyze other plans he had in mind, but for external reasons they did not focus:

“I want to give myself the opportunity to find others Congratulations Within me or within me. I think we live outside of Lima because we live பச்சகாமக்It made me think a lot about the future. “.

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Wants to fulfill a dream

While filming, he formed a beautiful family with his fellow actors, who he will definitely miss, Permejo She wants to expand her horizons and is happy that she has finally embarked on an adventure that she has loved since she was a teenager.

“I’ve always wanted to do what I’ve always wanted to do since I was 20, and it has to work out. I have no idea what awaits me.Popularly Announced ‘Congratulations

Mexico: Your new home

More actress “Final Hour” To start a new path that he would discover day by day, he chose the Aztec country as his new home: “I think I’m going to give myself a chance to be a little farther, but maybe we’ll be closer and closer. I’m going to take the plane to see what happens.

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