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After more than a year, actor and singer Eric Elera reappeared . The popular ‘Oliverio Metta’ has returned to the San Jose neighborhood and surprised the followers of the Peruvian series airing on America Television.

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Reappearing It was provided by telephone connection with ‘Fidetto Barodi’, now in charge of the winery previously managed by the character of Eric Elera. The arrival of this character delighted the fans of the series and was widely commented on social networks.

Eric Elera even shared a photo of his character in the San Jose neighborhood through his Instagram account. As will be remembered, the Peruvian actor was not in the series after playing ‘Oliverio Metta’ for three years from the 2020 series. But why did Eric Elera leave ? Here we tell you.

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Why Eric Elera left the role of Oliverio Mehta in “De Volda Al Bario”

He won the love of the audience after giving life to Oliverio for “neighborhood side” for three years. That’s why his departure from Peruvian production saddened his fans, with the actor announcing at the beginning of 2020 that he would no longer continue.

Recall, in an interview with the El Comorcio newspaper, the Peruvian actor told details of his departure from the “Back to the Neighborhood” series, and pointed out that it did not respond to an economic issue.

“We did not reach an agreement. I do not agree with what they raised. My idea is to follow logically. I did not plan to leave. I did not ask for an economic issue. The issue did not go that way. I understand it was a very difficult year,” he said in January 2020. .

The singer said on the show that he waited until the end to see if a deal had been reached. However, when he saw that nothing was accomplished, he ended his relationship with the “neighborhood side”.

“I just announced this, but since December 31 I have been free, so nothing has been achieved, I have waited until the last. Finally, someone realizes that this is not essential, so I had to look at other options, I am working on it,” he added.

In the same conversation, Eric admits that the sudden departure of Elera “from the neighborhood” caused him a certain annoyance because he realized that they did not care much about him. “It annoyed me for working there for so long, they didn’t consider it, it was so simple for me,” he said last year.

But now the situation is different. Apparently, things between “Back to the Neighborhood” and Eric Elera paid off. This has allowed the famous ‘Oliverio Metta’ to return to the San Jose neighborhood.

Eric Elera shared a photo of his character in the San Jose neighborhood through his Instagram account. “Oliverio at home”, reads the legend that comes with the publication.

In a matter of hours, Eric Elera’s snapshot received more than 30,000 reactions and dozens of comments celebrating his return, including news from his co-stars Magdial Ugas, Gina Yangali and Jr. Silva.

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