(Ottawa) Conservative leader Erin O’Toole worries that Canada Day will be canceled following the tragic discovery of Kamloops in British Columbia.

Catherine Lesque
The Canadian Press

Over the past few days, Canadian municipalities have announced the cancellation of planned events for 1There is In July of this year, following the discovery of the remains of 215 children at the site of a former Native residential school. Others had already revised their plans due to the epidemic.

Speaking to his caucus on Wednesday, O’Toole said, “Injustices of the past and present are often captured by a small group of activists who use them to attack the idea. From Canada.” He argued that “there can be no peace” when some propose to “cancel” Canada Day.

That’s why, next year, when the epidemic passes, he promises it will be “the biggest Canada Day the country has ever seen”.

In an election attack, Mr. O’Toole Harper reiterated the threat of the term Liberal, Black and NDP alliance, including Canada’s Green Party, and portrayed them as “identical”.

He argued that when it came time for Canadians to vote, there would be two options: a coalition of Conservatives on the one hand and a coalition of left-wing parties on the other.

Later, Mr. who spoke with the Quebecs. O’Toole said they no longer have to be “content” with the Liberals or the Black. He pleaded that the Conservative Party was “a nationalist party that looks like you.”

Parliamentary business ends Wednesday.

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