Awkwafina and John Cena in Paul Feig’s ‘The Lottery’ on Prime Video starting August 15

Coming August 15th on Prime Video Paul Feig’s new film will premiere. You may know the American director, producer, screenwriter and actor from the films “Last Christmas” (2019), “Bridesmaids” (2011), and “Ghostbusters 3” (2016).

Explosive Comedy Crew “the lottery” we will see The successful duo Awkwafina and John Cena, Aiden Mayeri, Donald Elise Watkins, Sam Asghari, Murray Hill and Simu Liu will also perform alongside them.

The production’s screenwriter is Rob Yescombe, Who also serves as executive producer. In the latter role, he is played by John Cena, Michelle Morrissey and Zach Roth. The main producers of the film are Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Laura Fisher and the director himself.

What will “The Lottery” be about with Awkwafina and John Cena?

In terms of plot, we can expect a dynamic and unclear adventure. As we read in the press materials:

In the near future, the “Big Lottery” has been created in California – but there’s one problem: you have to kill the winner before sunset to legally collect the billions of dollars in winnings. When Katie Kim (Awkwafina) moves to Los Angeles, she accidentally finds the winning ticket. To survive the attacks of the lucky hunters, she reluctantly teams up with lottery security agent Noel Cassidy (John Cena), who will do everything in his power to drive her off into the sunset in exchange for a share of the winnings. In return for a share of the winnings, she is also keen to take Katie’s winnings at any cost.

We can see Awkwafina on screen, among other things: in “Crazy Rich Asians.” From 2018 or after a year in “Kłamstewek”. John Cena’s most recent roles include, for example, the movie “Fast and Furious,” “Barbie” or “Argyle – the secret spy”.

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