Austria: Specter of lockdown for unvaccinated people

The prepared plan has five steps. All of them will be served after a certain threshold of occupied beds in intensive care units is reached. The first phase has been in effect since September 15, when the 10% threshold was reached. (i.e. 200) beds with Covid patients. Since then, the Austrians have had to replace their regular face masks with high-quality FFP 2 face masks so they can go to shops or use public transport.. The obligation applies only to those that are not closed. The validity of the tests has also been shortened. Antigen recognition is done for 24 hours, not 48 hours as before, and PCR for 48 instead of 72.

The second phase will be launched seven days after the 15 percent is exceeded. Family occupancy (300 ed.) in intensive care. Non-participating persons will not be permitted to attend events of more than 500 attendees.

after exceeding 20 percent. Honorary antigen tests will cease to be available nationwide (400 beds), and only vaccinated, convalescent people and those with a negative PCR test result will be allowed in each location. At this point, the restrictions will be imposed immediately, without a seven-day transition period.

after reaching 25 percent. Occupations of places in intensive care will enter restrictions from the fourth point. “Unvaccinated persons will not be allowed to enter restaurants, hotels, events, cultural institutions, recreational facilities or sporting events” – says According to the local health department, the finer details are still being developed, but the repercussions could also affect the hairdressing industry.

The fifth – final – step will be introduced when 600 beds (30%) are filled. We read, “This stage brings with it ‘exit restrictions’ for the unvaccinated.” This means that people who have not taken COVID-19 will only be able to leave their homes for work or shopping.

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