February 4, 2023


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Austria.  Salzburg and Grna Austria would like to enforce a full lockdown.  Not just for the unvaccinated

Austria. Salzburg and Grna Austria would like to enforce a full lockdown. Not just for the unvaccinated

Thomas Stelzer, National Star of Journa AustriaOn Thursday, he announced a multi-week lockdown in Upper Austria and Salzburg from next week, unless there was a nationwide tightening in the fight against pandemic. Salzburg authorities said in a press release that the blockade “must affect the entire population and affect all regions”. More details will be provided during the day.

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Thomas Stiles: This much-needed lockdown is a tricky method that we hope will help

– If there is no decision to start u . lock Throughout Austria, Upper Austria and Salzburg Thomas Stelzer (OeVP) announced Thursday on the Landtag forum that it will be shutting down starting next week. Tomorrow (Friday 19/11) a national siege. (…]We are already coordinating activities with the neighboring federal state and Government Federalnym.

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Stelzer emphasized: “This very necessary measure (the shutdown) is a challenging method that we hope will help bring down the daily growth rates significantly.” The previous steps did not prove effective.

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Corona virus in Austria. Unvaccinated insurance, what next?

About whether in addition to the existing insurance for people not immune More nationwide action will be taken across Austria to settle talks between the federal government and the states, which were originally scheduled for next Friday.

On Thursday, the number of new infections in Austria reached a record level of 15,145, within 24 hours, and the infection rate for seven days was 989 cases per 100,000 cases. Persons.

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Author: Marzena Szulc / msza / tebe / PAP

You can read more about the coronavirus at gov.pl