Australia.  We have learned why megafauna became extinct

The latest research published in Papers in Paleontology sheds entirely new light on species extinctions Juniors. Until now it was known that giant birds suddenly disappeared from our planet, but there was no evidence that indicated a possible cause.

At the same time, about 40,000 years ago, many other large animals in Australia died out. At about a similar period, humans settled these areas, so some scientists believed that our species caused their disappearance.

Several fossils of some of the largest birds in the world were found at the end of the 19th century in the vicinity jeziora Callabonna. At one point, individuals got stuck in the mud where they ended their lives. However, it turned out that this was not their main concern.

The creatures have an exceptionally high rate of bone disease. All kinds of cavities and deformations caused pain to the animals, which greatly limited their ability to move. As a result, it became very difficult to find enough food and water around the draining lake. It is noteworthy that just like the types of emu that live today Juniors He couldn’t fly, which would definitely help him in such a situation.

The drought phase began about 48,000 years ago. Subsequently, the reservoir lost all water and has remained in this state to this day. Until the end, the birds tried to absorb less life-giving fluid. When this ended, most of the population became extinct. It is not known how long the individuals have survived and whether they are alive at all.

Of course, an example jeziora Callabonna It charts the events taking place across the continent. Many reservoirs and forests disappeared, and therefore the amount of all kinds of goods decreased significantly. The larger beings that needed it most, who, in addition, as a result of the prolonged stress caused by this situation, began to suffer from various diseases.

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