April 2, 2023


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Australia.  Shark bite from the hand of a surfer.  The man did not survive

Australia. Shark bite from the hand of a surfer. The man did not survive

The tragic attack on a young surfer occurred on Sunday at Emerald Beach in Coffs Harbor in New South Wales, Australia. A shark attacked a man swimming in the ocean and bit his hand.

The surfer got out of the water on his own. Frightened witnesses of the event went to help the man. Emergency services were also called to the site.

– It was a terrifying sight. Ambulance inspector Chris Wilson said that many local surfers and passersby came to the rescue of this man.

Unfortunately, despite a rescue operation that lasted more than an hour, the man was not saved.

A fisherman from the United States was more fortunate as he was attacked by a shark. The accident occurred on Friday near Grand Isle, Louisiana.

While fishing, the man tried to untie the fishing nets that got stuck in the ship’s propeller. But at one point he lost his balance and fell into the sea and was bitten by a shark.

The hunter lost his leg as a result of the attack. He was pulled out of the water by his colleagues who called for help from the Coast Guard.

A wounded fisherman’s helicopter arrived on the boat. One of the rescuers got down on the rope, treated the injured limb, and took the victim to the helicopter deck. The rescue video was posted on Facebook.

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