April 1, 2023


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Australia. A radioactive capsule is required. “may not be found”

for more than two weeks Research is underway for a small capsule in Australia contain radioactive materials cesium 137. The topic of the missing article by the services was published by the world’s media a few days ago.

According to the Guardian, it is a capsule measuring eight by six millimeters in diameter. This likely fell from the truck it was in as a result of a loose screw. It was unfortunate that the route the car took with the material was 1400 km.

Now that the issue of radioactive “torment” has been publicized by the media, Services are ramping up their search in the region of Western Australia. On Sunday, January 29, the Western Australian Department of Fire and Rescue Services (Dfes) reported this introduction of new radiation detection equipmentthat can be installed on vehicles. This is to help you locate the capsule.

“Rescue teams are conducting a coordinated search for the capsule along important sections of the route,” said David Gill, Dfes Chief Superintendent.

At the same time, services recognize this The radioactive capsule may not be found. “Unfortunately it is possible,” Gill noted.

– What we don’t do is try to find a small device by sight. We use radiation detectors to locate gamma rays – said Dfes’ Daryl Ray during the conference. At the same time, he noted, the research is focused on populated areas north of Perth.

– However, there are such small concerns The hard capsule may already be stuck to another vehicle’s tire Ray indicated that it could be hundreds of kilometers away from the search area.

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