French Auchan As one of Poland’s last retailers, he decided to use a so-called postal exception to conduct commerce on Sundays prohibited by law.

As part of the new amenities, customers of Auchan stores will be able to send or collect packages during the opening hours of stores offering this type of service. A detailed list of these outlets will soon appear on the retailer’s website.

The name of the operator will be announced after the contract is signed, Auchan says.

Auchan is open on non-commercial Sundays

Auchan further states that “The introduction of courier and mail services, as one of the other amenities in the range of services offered by the network, will allow more efficient use of customers’ shopping time and increase their convenience. In connection with the above, the network also plans to open stores on Sundays“.

“Auchan Network always complies with the provisions of applicable law and keeps track of the changing needs of modern consumers, for whom time and convenience are counted when shopping and when using other services related to the organization of daily life” – the company informs in the press release.

Auchan has 74 hypermarkets in Poland in two formats: 10-18 thousand. square meters of sales area (Classic) and 5-10 thousand. square meters of sales space (compact).

Sunday trading banned from 2018

Friday, Sim He passed a law to tighten the ban on trading on Sunday. It will be allowed to open shops providing postal services on non-commercial Sundays if the revenue from this activity exceeds 50%. Revenues of a particular facility. The bill will go to the Senate.

act gradually Sunday trading ban It came into effect on March 1, 2018. As of 2020, the trade ban will only apply on the seven Sundays of the year.

The Sunday Trading Prohibition Act provides a catalog of 32 exemptions. The ban does not include, inter alia, postal activities, and also does not apply to: pastry shops, ice cream shops, liquid gas stations, flower shops, newsagents or cafes.

To break the trading ban on Sunday, the risk is from PLN 1,000 to PLN 100,000. PLN fine, and in case of a persistent violation of the law – restriction of freedom.

Chain stores bypass the ban on trading

In practice, retail chains to open stores on Sunday use an exception for outlets that provide postal services. After signing an appropriate agreement with the postal operator (for example to pick up parcels in stores), retailers can also trade on non-commercial Sundays.

This exception is used by Żabka stores (since the beginning of the ban), Dino Polska (From July this year), Luoyatan, some facilities KauflandThey belong to the Knights group Pricomarque I Intermarche, ABC, Delikatesy Centrum, Stokrotka Express or select Euro RTV AGD electronics stores. Open on non-commercial Sundays since mid-July Some Pedronka Stores, Its owner, Jeronimo Martins Polska, has signed an agreement with Poczta Polska to handle the “Pickup at the point” option.

When at the end of May this year Kaufland has announced that all of its stores will open on non-commercial Sundays, and Solidarity has been harshly criticized. – The behavior of the Kaufland company is to disregard the Polish state and Parliament as a legislator. Kaufland will not allow such actions in Germany – Alfred Pujara, head of the National Secretariat, Banking, Trade and Insurance NSZZ “Solidarność” commented to

In the second half of September, select stores of the chain also began to operate on Sundays LidlSimilar steps have been announced Carrefour.

According to a recent CBRE study, up to 55 percent. People like to shop on Sundays, and every third definitely supports this idea. Support for this idea has increased compared to last year, when 51 percent were in favor of opening stores on Sunday. Persons.

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