In the Saint-Floor field in Shavinigan, Mauritius, the next day was difficult, with the Aberge le Flores completely destroyed in a fire on Thursday evening.

The fires started at 9pm and firefighters worked through the night trying to bring them under control.

“It’s complicated because it’s a wooden structure, an expanded structure,” explained Franுவாois Saint-Onge, director of communications for the town of Shavinigan.

The ruins attracted many interested people throughout the day. Among them, Ronnie Charles struggled to realize that the inn where he had worked as a cook for more than 30 years was no more.

Auberge le Flores crashed to the ground

Photo QMI Agency, Jean-Simon Hubert

“I even built it! With my sister-in-law and my sister, ”he stressed.

The company ran into financial problems in 2014 and had to close its doors until it was sold in 2015. After that the activities resumed, but the establishment saw better days.

A true pioneer of regional tourism, the inn has long been the economic machine of the former village of Saint-Flor. In the late 1980s, it welcomed the entire production team of the “Les Filles de Caleb” series.

The cause of the disaster was not yet known Friday evening and the investigation has been handed over to Sarat de Quebec.

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